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Purchasing a new suite of electronics is just the beginning.  What do you do with the pile of boxes you just bought?  That's where our installation service comes in.  Don't just trust your new equipment installation to anyone, make sure it's done once, and done right!

 Maritime Communications has an in-house installation team to ensure your new electronics suite is properly installed, networked and calibrated.
We invest heavily in factory training and certification to ensure they are up to date on all the latest equipment and installation practices.  Our technicians are FCC licensed, and hold technical certifications from our manufacturers as well as the National Marine Electronics Association's  Certified Marine Electronics Technician, (CMET) certificate. 
CMET technicians are required to attend ongoing training to maintain their credentials.  What this means to you, our Client is that you are assured your electronics will be installed per the manufacterer's specifications and to the highest technical standards set forth by the NMEA and American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).  All installations performed by Maritime Communications is backed by our 1 year installation warranty!
You invested alot in your vessel's electronics. Don't compromise you  or  your loved one's safety on a sub-standard installation.
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